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2016 State of DevOps Report

Over the last five years, we’ve surveyed more than 25,000 technical professionals worldwide to better understand how DevOps practices impact IT and organizational performance. This annual report features data on IT performance, employee engagement, ROI and more.

Getting Started with DevOps

We get it — initiating a new way of working at your organization (and uprooting existing processes) can be pretty daunting. Especially when DevOps, as its core, requires breaking down silos throughout Dev and Ops, and fundamentally changing the way you view, plan and manage your infrastructure. This ebook explores how you can bring development and IT operations together to create a streamlined system for software development and deployment.

DevOps Mythbusting

DevOps is hard to pin down. Is it a set of absolute beliefs? A miracle cure for anything that ails an organization? Does it require particular software tools? Can only the unicorns of the world get it right? There's a lot of misinformation about DevOps, leading some people to mistrust the benefits of solid DevOps methodologies. Our ebook sets the record straight, and shows how you can benefit from DevOps practices, even if you think you don't have the time or resources.

DevOps and You: Advice for Building Your Career

Want to start adopting DevOps practices at your current job? Or land a new job as a DevOps engineer or site reliability engineer? Or move to an organization that has more mature DevOps practices? We're not surprised, and this ebook is for you.